Potato and Beet Boulangere

Potato and Beet Boulangere is a beautiful side dish perfect for holidays or entertaining.  Thinly sliced beets are layered with thinly sliced potatoes and baked with butter, stock and herbs for colourful and flavourful side dish.

Thinly sliced beets and potatoes baked with butter, herbs and stock in a cast iron skillet

I have been wanting to do a Potatoes Boulangere post on the blog for a while, and since we had some beets hanging around I thought this would be a great way to use them up – turns out it was AMAZING.  The beets give a beautiful colour to the dish, and their earthy flavour adds another dimension to the flavour profile.

What is Potatoes Boulangere?

Potatoes Boulangere (Pommes Boulangere) is a French preparation of potatoes that involves thinly slicing the potatoes and baking them with onion, butter, herbs and stock.  I like to think of it as a lightened up version of scalloped potatoes that most people are familiar with.

How to make Potato and Beet Boulangere:

This dish is easiest made with the aid of a mandolin.  Using a mandolin ensures that you will have thin slices that are uniform in thickness so that the potatoes will cook evenly.

I like to prep my vegetables first so they are all ready to go before I start layering into the skillet.

Start by coating the bottom of your skillet with a thin layer of butter to ensure that the dish doesn’t stick to the bottom.  If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, you can use any small baking dish for this.  I like to use my cast iron skillet wherever possible so that is what I used.


thinly sliced beets placed into a cast iron skillet and topped with onions, butter and herbs


To keep the layers of colour in this dish, you need to place your beets on the bottom.  If you put the potatoes on the bottom and the beets on the top, when the beets cook their red liquid will colour the potatoes pink – then you won’t have those beautiful layers of red and white that makes this dish so pretty.

Start by placing about half on the sliced beets in the bottom of the skillet.  They should be overlapping to form a layer where you can’t see through to the bottom of the pan.  Top with a few slices of onion, sprinkle with a bit of rosemary and thyme and then add a few scattered dollops of butter over the beets.

Add another layer of beets and onions and herbs and butter, then begin the process again with the potatoes.


a cast iron skillet layerd with thinly sliced beet and thinly sliced potatoes


Finish off with a layer of just potatoes, then pour the stock evenly over the dish and drizzle a small amount of olive oil over the top to help crisp up the top layer.

Start baking the dish for 25 minutes at 4oo℉ degrees, then reduce the heat to 350℉ and bake for a further 30 minutes.

When you remove the dish from the oven allow it to cook and settle for about 10 minutes before serving.


A slice of potato beet boulangere on a plate


This recipe for Potato and Beet Boulangere  is suitable for the following diets:

  • vegetarian
  • this could be easily made vegan by replacing the butter with a vegan alternative


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Thinly sliced beets and potatoes baked with butter, herbs and stock in a cast iron skillet
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Potato and Beet Boulangere

layers of thinly sliced beetroot, potato and onion seasoned with butter, rosemary, thyme and vegetable stock then oven baked
Course Side Dish
Cuisine French
Keyword potato and beet boulangere
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 55 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 235kcal
Author Courtney


  • 450 g beets about 4 medium
  • 450 g white potatoes about 4 medium
  • 1 onion
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp minced rosemary
  • 1 tbsp thyme leaves
  • 1/2 cup vegetable stock


  • Preheat your oven to 400℉
  • Prep the beets and potatoes by slicing off the end and using a peeler to remove the remaining skin.
  • Using a mandolin on the thinnest slice setting, slice the potatoes, beets and onion. Keep them separate for now.
  • Use a small amount of butter to grease the bottom of a 10 inch cast iron skillet.
  • Create a layer of beet slices on the bottom of the skillet using half of the beet slices, then scatter 1/3 of the onions on top. Sprinkle with rosemary and thyme and a few dollops of butter then season with salt and pepper.
  • Repeat with the remaining beet slices.
  • Create a layer of potato slices on top of the beet layer. Scatter the remaining onions, rosemary and thyme on top then spread the remaining butter across the layer.
  • Top with a layer of the remaining potato.
  • Pour the stock evenly over the dish, then drizzle the top with a bit of olive oil.
  • Bake the skillet in the oven for 25 minutes, then reduce the heat to 350℉ and bake for another 30 mins.
  • Remove skillet from the oven and allow it to cool about 10 minutes before serving.

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